Becky (beckyzoole) wrote in mensanminds,

Annual Gathering 2008

So, I got talked into being on the AG Committee for next year's big Annual Gathering. It's going to be in Denver over the 4th of July weekend. Check out our spiffy website.

If you go to the AG, look me up. I'll be one of the people running around frantically, making sure everything is going well. I'm also going to give a presentation on how to play nice on the internet. (heh heh heh)

Anyway, I have a request from all and sundry -- I'm the Coordinator of Prizes and Giveaways. Which means I get to spend the next year bugging people to donate things to be prizes and giveaways.

If any of you have a thing that you would care to donate, or could solicit a donation from your employer -- preferably a small lightweight thing that could be used by attendees from around the country -- please let me know!

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