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Need national help

Do other Mensa groups have factions? By this, I mean one group of local Mensans in the group who don't like another group of Mensans and the subgroups are constantly sniping back and forth at each other and talking about how terrible the people in the opposing group are? 
And if that's not enough, we've got people who actually try to get other people RUN OUT of Mensa, as if they can somehow strip them of their IQs (which, as far as I can tell, is the SOLE requirement for membership) and send them packing simply because these certain individuals disagree with ideas and opinions expressed by those they would like to see eliminated from the group.
How normal is this? I mean, I remember it from my grade school daze, and some people still continued this into high school. I'm aware enough to know that emotional maturity does not necessarily track with physiological or intellectual maturity but it's kind of embarrassing - not that Mensan adults get into these sniping matches, because everyone has those who just rub them the wrong way. What bothers me is that they escalate this into trying to have others DRUMMED OUT OF MENSA. If lack of obnoxiousness was a requirement for membership in Mensa, I'm afraid there would only be 2 or 3 members, and those would probably live on opposite coasts and in Alaska, otherwise, I'm sure some jockeying for position would occur and the associated choosing up sides. If I remember correctly, Mensa has members who are incarcerated for having been found guilty of some pretty heinous activities, and they can be members, but those who hold and express different opinions from others become targeted for dismissal or removal from the group. 
I've belonged to Mensa in a couple different cities, and I can't really recall such strong factions in the other group as I see in the group I'm in now. I don't particularly mind the factions, or dislike the enmity and sniping that they generate. If I disagree with another, I can gripe about it all I want, but trying to have someone "disbarred" from Mensa, to me, goes a little too far. I mean, what's up with that? 

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