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The backbone of society?

I recently interviewed Sylvia Sleigh. Sylvia was a very active feminist artist in the 60s and 70s. She has long fought against sexism in the art world... and in the world in general. She is over 90 years old now, but she took the time to answer my questions. If you are interested in reading her opinions about the art world today simply find her name on this page and click on it. I have also interviewed Julian Stanczak, Norman Carlberg, Thornton Willis and William T. Wiley... all older artists who have opinions about the direction of the art world at this time. I've also interviewed hundreds of younger artists-- we have a video interview with Anthony Lister as well. I feel that art is the backbone of society. I'm curious to know your opinions.
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Art is more like the tailbone of society, something extraneous that has it's uses but could also be done without.

Haha just kidding. Art is important. I don't know if I would call it the backbone, but it's up there.
I was thinking hair. Despite keeping our distant ancestors warm (metaphorically), art is society's vestigial tissue into which great amounts of time and money are invested out of vanity.
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