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Denver AG 2008

We're starting to work on some of the side-trips for the AG in Denver next year. I'm looking into trips to the Denver Mint and to the Molly Brown House. There have been quite a few ideas floating around for what people want to do and see when there aren't sessions. I'm hoping to get at least a few for a small tour to the Molly Brown House, maybe even enough to schedule a group tea. Maybe this is a good place to post to get some ideas about this.
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I want to see a baseball game at Coors Field.

But, what else is there to do? I don;t have a guidebook handy.
It's too soon to know what the game schedule will be like. I'm probably one of only about a couple dozen people in Denver who's not all into sports, so finding a schedule for games will be something I'll put a reminder on my calendar to do!
I'm not going to be coordinating all the outside activities, either, only some of the destinations close to the hotel. There are plenty of things you can do in and around downtown that don't necessarily need to be part of an AG-related group tour, either.
I'm still trying to get my head around how the AG handles this. They will have some activities outside the hotel, but I think they have to be scheduled outside of the regular programs in order not to conflict with the scheduled programs and speakers. I would bet there will be ad hoc (non-AG related) activities during times that there may not be an activity or program of interest to whoever might want to go do something outside the programs at the hotel. I figured if there aren't enough other people to join me in what I want to do, I'll probably just do it on my own. You may not have that issue with a ball game, tho. I expect there will be other people who'd also like to go. I will forward your comment to the committee that's working on coordinating outside activities.
There are plenty of things to do in Denver that would be great for
half-day trips and not require much travel. There are two museums within
walking distance of the hotel; the Denver Art Museum and the Colorado History Museum

There is the State Capitol Building just a couple of blocks east of the hotel, as well as the Denver Mint which provides tours, but unfortunately no free samples!

The Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are located very close to each other and are reachable by bus or taxi from the hotel downtown. They have an IMAX theatre at the museum.

Just 3 blocks north of the west end of the 16th Street Mall (which has a free shuttle bus that runs east and west along the mall) is the Wynkoop Brewery, where Mayor Hickenlooper got started in his first campaign for mayor .

At the west end of the 16th Street Mall, the Tattered Cover Bookstore has a 3-story downtown location. What Mensan can resist books?!;jsessionid=abc\Xakg91I1RedyQ-DKbr?s=becomeaffiliate. Their main location is on east Colfax Avenue, easily reachable by bus .

There are retail shops and restaurants all along the 16th Street
Pedestrian Mall, including a multi story shop and movie theatre called the Denver Pavillions, which is only a couple of blocks away from the hotel. Some of the stores are Barnes and Noble (there are those books again!), Nike and Virgin Records. Just another couple of blocks away (west) Aveda just opened a new salon/spa/training institute .

There are downtown maps and business directories available for free at the stops along the shuttle route along the 16th Street Mall. There is a free shuttle that runs from one end of the mall to the other. The Adams Mark Hotel sits along the route of the 16th Street Mall and the free shuttle.

If you like baseball, Coors Field , home of the Colorado Rockies, is just a short walk north from the mall shuttle on 20th. Tickets can be had for as little at $4 to sit in the "Rockpile".

Further west of the city, in Morrison's foothills, Bandemere Speedway hosts weekend events during the summer including the Mile High Nationals.
There are summer evening concert events in Morrison at the Red Rocks natural outdoor amphitheatre .
The planetarium at the science museum looks good. thanks for all the links. I'm sure I won't know more until I know what's going on at the AG.

A tour of brewery might be fun, too.
I really hope there's a trip to the Molly Brown house -- I'd love to see it.